Slow Clap have an extensive knowledge of the media, music and arts industries, and over the years, have amassed a hefty network of industry contacts.

Here’s a little taste of what we can lend to your campaign. If what you need isn’t on the list, ask us anyway – chances are we’ve worked on it before. And if we can’t offer it, we’ll line up the best people who can.

  • End to end promo and marketing strategy
  • Album, tour, event and festival content, artwork and assets
  • Event, tour and album publicity
  • Video content, inc. after movies, hype reels and live filming
  • On-ground festival and event coverage
  • Live and studio audio recording, mix and mastering
  • Live, studio, food and venue photography
  • Campaign and account management, inc. brand management and sponsorship
  • Artist booking and talent acquisition
  • Copy and feature writing
  • Press release writing and template construction
  • PR and marketing consulting

Keen to learn more? Drop us a line.